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AUL lays the intellectual groundwork to help convince legislators, judges, and policymakers of the necessity and constitutionality of common-sense laws. During the year, AUL’s experts educate hundreds of legislators on abortion, bioethics, and the end of life. From producing groundbreaking legal research and writing, to hosting Legislator Educational Conferences, AUL develops educational resources and programs that directly support and promote our legislative efforts.

In addition to writing and defending legislation that protects human life from conception until natural death, AUL’s attorneys are actively engaged in a variety of projects that entail cooperation with pro-life leaders and grassroots activists. The pages in this section show the breadth of AUL’s work, from showing how abortion hurts women, to training the next generation of pro-life lawyers, to providing critically needed assistance in promoting pro-life law on the international stage.

Complete List of Initiatives:

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