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Defending Life 2016

Defending Life 2016

Each year, AUL publishes Defending Life: A State-by-State Legal Guide to Abortion, Bioethics, and the End of Life. The 11th Edition of Defending Life, which features a foreword by Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, was released on January 12, 2016. This annual resource, dubbed “the playbook” of model legislation, combines more than 50 pieces of our model legislation, expert analysis, and 50 state report cards into a single nonpartisan guide for legislators.

Developed under the leadership of AUL VP of Legal Affairs Denise Burke, Defending Life comprehensively addresses abortion, protection of the unborn (in contexts outside of abortion), bioethics, the end-of-life, and health care freedom of conscience, expertly tackles legal and policy challenges for the pro-life movement, and reports on recent legislative and courtroom victories, continuing progress toward protecting life in each of the 50 states, and emerging issues and trends.

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By Denise M. Burke, Vice President of Legal Affairs, Clarke D. Forsythe, Senior Counsel, Anna Paprocki, Staff Counsel, and Mailee R. Smith, Staff Counsel

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